Subject: [Tweeters] Ellensburg Crossbills
Date: Apr 11 14:15:39 2016
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Late this morning I spent about an hour and a half driving every road in an near the area Walter described including all the way to the top of Craig Hill and east of the high school. I stopped nearly every block and put binoculars on every evergreen I could see - no luck. The crossbills are doing a good job of eluding me. All I saw was a house finch, a crow, a few starlings and pigeons and an unidentified sparrow.

Wally Davis

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Subject: [Tweeters] Ellensburg Crossbills

Hi everyone,
For those of you west-siders looking to escape the heat (it?s only in the 70?s over here!), the Ellensburg Crossbills are still present. Yesterday (4/8) and this morning (4/9) there were many Crossbills on Craigs Hill along 3rd, in ?Grasslands? along the eastern extension of 1st (east of the High School) and on the west side of Craigs Hill (along Walnut north of 3rd). I cannot confirm any White-winged Crossbills, but some of the roving flocks sounded more like White-winged and less like type-3.

Walter Szeliga
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