Subject: [Tweeters] Update on Not a Spotted Frog situation
Date: Apr 13 16:28:40 2016
From: vickibiltz - vickibiltz at

I listened online to what recordings I could find. Definitely NOT Spotted Frog calls. I did snap a quick shot with my phone, and it doesn't seem to let me load it. At least not to this message. There are no red legs, and plain underneath for the most part. I searched in vain for the egg sacs, and could find none. I don't know if this is a female frog, it's larger than our tree frog by about 1/3 and seems more striped than spotted.

I'm so upset that the very thing I wanted to protect, ended up being destroyed by me not thinking fully about the potential fate of my tadpoles. I cannot see any, but have noted the furious swimming of the Koi. So, by summers end we will have at least two still pools in place, one close to our waterfall/pond, and one in a better location, for salamanders and frogs. I have a permaculturist that can help me. We have 7 acres, so I know we can still have several good spots and maybe even a larger pond on a lower level, but no more Koi.
Vicki Biltz
Buckley, WA 98321
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