Subject: [Tweeters] chittering call at high noon - 4/18/16
Date: Apr 18 13:17:13 2016
From: Barbara Deihl - barbdeihl at

Was out messing about in my backyard, when I heard several rounds of a descending chittering call, repeated a couple times and then again on 30-sec. intervals. It didn't quite sound like the chitters of Merlins of which I am familiar - a bit softer and perhaps a bit higher-pitched. Could it have been a Kestrel? It sounded to be flying over my street, just north of Matthews Beach. I checked the Cornell bird call site, but nothing was on the mark compared with what I recall hearing. Closest was a 'chatter' sound of an American Kestrel.

Any thoughts? Any suggestions for other bird-sound sites?

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle