Subject: [Tweeters] Israel Nest Cam - Long-legged Buzzards
Date: Apr 28 11:45:59 2016
From: Barbara Deihl - barbdeihl at

friend Ron Ben-shalom posted this on my Facebook timeline - not sure if this link will work for you. Anyone know how to share this with non-Facebookians? I'm not to adept with such maneuvers.

Also, any guesses as to what's included in the breakfast choices for the young hawks? I'm thinking lizard, rodent, snake, small bird.

Love the upcircling adult, but the actions by the birds on that high ledge, make me a bit dizzy - glad there are folks who can rise to the challenges of cam installation and upkeep, and enjoy it, too. !

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle
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