Subject: [Tweeters] Bushtit update / Caryn /Wedgwoog
Date: Apr 29 18:47:41 2016
From: Caryn Schutzler - bluedarner1 at

Hi Tweeters!
So far so good with "Bushtits in Suet Cage"!
Was gone a few hours and just went out to check on the "caged nest" and at 6:30 saw bird go in and stay in. Another stayed in the area - watchbird?
Nest still in tact and no crows or jays seeming to hang around!!
Crisis averted!!
Not quite sure what stage eggs are. Will have to see if I can figure it out.
Wondering if they feel safer confined within this "cage"? They sure don't seen to mind the "remodel"!

Caryn /Wedgwood

Caryn /

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