Subject: [Tweeters] BirdNote - Last week & the week of May 1, 2016
Date: Apr 30 12:03:03 2016
From: Ellen Blackstone - ellen at

Hey, Tweeters,

Check out the latest photo blog ? Gregg Thompson catches a Double-crested Cormorant in the act of nabbing a rockfish:
Last week's BirdNote stories:
* High Island - Not an Island and Not Very High,
But a Great Place to Watch Migratory Birds
* The Sage Thrasher and Sagebrush Habitat
* Mississippi Kites - Strength in Numbers
* Hovering with Horned Larks
* The Marsh Wren's Repertoire
* The Color of Birds' Eyes
* Probing with Sandpipers
View the photos and links for next week's shows:
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