Subject: [Tweeters] Some birds from the Methow, July 1, 2, 3,
Date: Jul 4 13:46:24 2017
From: Maxine Reid - baconmf at

Hi tweets
Armed with information from Blair Bernsons post re:flammulated owls.,
We headed to the Methow for some birds , hikes and sun.
Saturday,july1, we did a quick hike to cutthroat lake and saw Townsends warblers,
Swainsons and hermit thrushes,clarks nutcrackers,.
We where'd to Beaver pond at sun mountain.
On the way , we drove up ELBOW COULEE ROAD, just right of the road to sun mountain
Before Patterson lake.
There are a number of semi joined wetland / ponds along this road.
We saw spotted sandpipers, one with 3 small chicks,killdeers, com one and Barrow's goldeneye,one with 14!! Chicks,many robins and western tanagers,black headed grosbeaks,1 lark sparrow,several lazuli buntings.,mallards,ring necked duck.
We stopped at a recent burn and got a BLACK BACKED WOODPECKER,very close
And then a family of 4 hairy woodpeckers.
Then we wlkaed part of the beaver pond below sun mountain.
Wood pewees,common yellowthroat, yellow warblers.chipping sparrows,cassins finches
A family of ospreys were in the nest in the middle of the pond , 2 adults and 3 chicks.
We had close ups of red based woodpeckers.2.
A wood duck was in the pond.
We then drove up Thompson ridge road and mostly heard swainsons thrush
Singing till 10:00 pm.
Just at dark about 2.4 miles up the road I saw and heard a common poorwill on the road.
With flash lite could see the eyes and I t was flopping around ,surely after insects.
Not hear in owls we drove up to a commando camp and the start of MEADOWLARK
ski run (about 4.2 miles up the road) . I walked out to the road and soon heard 1 flammulated owl.
We walked a bit further on the road and could hear 2 of the , one on each side. of the road.
Sunday,July 2 , we drove through the back of town ,up Roses hill road
there is a reliable Lewis s woodpecker place. If you look north there is a row of tall
Poplars with lots of dead branches. We have seen the Lewis's there in the past and
We saw 3 On Sunday.
In winthrop ,Also magpie, Eurasian collared doves.,mourning dove and rock pigeons
,house sparrows,American crows,common ravens
North on East chewuck road we saw , red tailed hawk, American kestrel,European starlings, cedar waxwings,western kingbirds,western meadowlark.
At the first part of pearrygin lake Sp , we saw a bullocks oriole male and female,eastern kingbirds,violet green northern rough winged ,cliff and barn swallows.
Also a juvenile western bluebird with the grey spots on its chest beside a bluebird box.
At the wetland by the second pearryGin lake SP, we saw ruddy ducks, redwinged
Black birds,coots,pied billed grebes,northern flicker
We then started up hill towards Tiffany mountain.
We saw pine Siskin , American gold finch,western tanagers
Higher up the road we saw our first Townsend solitaire and a red eyed vireo near the
Boulder creek in tall cottonwoods.
At roger lake we had ruby crowned kinglet ,great jays and calling olive sided flycatcher.
We drove to Tiffany springs CG and immediately had a THREE TOED WOODPECKER.
also dark eyed juncoes,robins,and hermit thrush close by., a small flock of yellow rumped warblers , a few black capped chickadees.
We hiked to the honey moon pass via Tiffany lake, hermit thrush and clarks nutcrackers along the trail. Another T. Solitaire and 2 mountain bluebirds at the pass.
On Monday we drove back to freezeout pass for the Tiffany mountain hike.
We saw 2 mountain chickadees by the road.
Then we saw our SURPRISE, a moose with 2 small calves crossed the road about 100
Yards in front of us:-)
We did our hike , saw numerous clarks nuthatches,4 dark ,I assume ,dusky grouse,
A family of Horned lark with a young fledgling .. we hiked from the top to whistler pass
And up middle Tiffany.
We saw good number of mountain bluebirds , a single Townsends solitaire and around
At the pass. No ptarmigans along the snow banks but 2 pikas. And 1 sooty grouse flying.
On our way back through winthrop , we stopped at the small suspension bridge
At the back ,north edge of town and saw an American dipper.
A few other birds seen included Canada geese,lesser scalp and ring necked duck

The Methow is a favorite place for us with beautiful hikes , winter skate skiing, and
Much varied environments for a wide variety of birds. I
I thank Blair for his accurate info re .: poor will and flam.owl.
Cheers and good birding ,Maxine Reid
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