Subject: [Tweeters] Differences In How Crows and Ravens Fly
Date: Jul 5 15:48:09 2017
From: Rick Tyler - rhtyler at

Ravens frequently soar, crows rarely do. I have seen soaring crows in a
high wind, but it's pretty rare.

Ravens are also (generally) quiet when flying, while crows are noisy.

Crows also look more compact when flying, and have those feathery wing tips
that can bend up a little. To me, Ravens look like flying crosses, with
relatively longer tails and heads.

And, of course, the classic difference is that crows have semi-circular
tails and and ravens have spade-shaped tails.

I really liked "Ravens in Winter" by Bernd Heinrich. John Marzluff of UW
has written a couple of good books on crows.

-- Rick

On Wed, Jul 5, 2017 at 3:34 PM, Scott Clausen <scottclausen at> wrote:

> Hello,
> During the recent holiday a relative told me that you can distinguish
> crows and ravens by how they fly. He stated that crows always flap their
> wings while ravens will glide and flap intermittently? IS this a valid way
> to distinguish the two in flight?
> Also, does anyone have a good recommendation for a book on the corvids?
> Thanks for your time.
> Scott Clausen
> Sequim
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