Subject: [Tweeters] Canyon Park Wetlands sandpiper - more pictures and
Date: Jul 7 11:23:04 2017
From: Barry Brugman - bbrug15 at

Thanks to the birders who responded to my post of yesterday about the
little shorebird I saw at Canyon Park Wetlands yesterday afternoon. The
consensus was that it was a very early Baird's Sandpiper, but a couple of
people mentioned Semipalmated Sandpiper. That put doubt in my mind, so I
went back this morning (Friday) and to my pleased surprise, the little
flock was still there.

I took a lot more pictures, and now I'm leaning toward Semipalmated

I would really appreciate any opinions, ideas, or suggestions as to the
identity of this bird. Here is a link to pictures and my reasons for
changing my mind:

Scroll down for today's pictures.


Barry Brugman