Subject: [Tweeters] Is The 'Harry Potter Effect' A Curse For Owls?
Date: Jul 7 12:53:27 2017
From: Devorah the Ornithologist - birdologist at

hello everyone,

a paper was recently published about "the Harry Potter effect" for wild
owls in Indonesia. This "effect" is similar to what has been noted for
other animals depicted in popular films, such as "Finding Nemo" and "101
Dalmatians", where the animals in those films suddenly were on everyone's
pet "must have" list.

So is there a "Harry Potter effect" for Indnesian owls? You be the judge:

Is The 'Harry Potter Effect' A Curse For Owls?

i hope you enjoy the piece, and that you share it with friends, family and
with harry potter fans (of course!)

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