Subject: [Tweeters] Bushtit nest behavior question. Diaper removal?
Date: Jul 8 10:10:51 2017
From: Eric Ellingson - abriteway at

In between both parents bring in food, odd objects were seen being removed from the nest.

I'm assuming this is just processed hatchling food but wanted anyone else's feedback. Do other birds do this?

The parents make a slight soft sound when approaching the nest but I've not heard anything from inside.

[X]Bushtit, female<>
Removing diapers? A couple of these were removed in-between both parents bring food in. Any ideas on what this is other than nest cleaning?

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Both parents at nest bring food.

[X]Bushtit, male & female<>
Both busy foraging for food and bringing it to the nest.

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Eric Ellingson