Subject: [Tweeters] Crockett Lake Red-necked Stint - 9 July 17
Date: Jul 9 17:14:26 2017
From: B&PBell - bellasoc at

Hi Tweets

When I arrived at Crockett Lake about 12:30 there was a good group of folks
out searching over the shorebirds. A couple of folks said that the
Red-necked Stint had been seen a while before. We all stood around and
scanned the mudflats searching among the shorebirds (Western, Least
Sandpipers, a couple of Baird's and a Killdeer).

After about 20 minutes I managed to pick it out thru the grass on the edge
approximately 150-200 yards in the direction of the Ferry Terminal. We had
identifiable looks, and then it flew down closer to us (in the relative
vicinity of the arch driftwood). It probed briefly, and then flew closer in
toward us (I am guessing about 100 feet away). As Philip mentioned, this was
about 1 PM. Great looks in superb light. Nice red head and neck and throat
(a hint of a lighter supercilium), some reddish on the scapulars, and a
brilliant white lower body.

All the birds lifted off and flew away.

Seems like you might have to hang around a while and scan all the
shorebirds, but the stint does seem to like to come back to the vicinity of
the arched driftwood.

Good Birding!

Brian H. Bell

Woodinville Wa

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