Subject: [Tweeters] Stanwood - Few shorebirds, surprise loons.
Date: Jul 11 14:20:58 2017
From: Josh Adams - xjoshx at

Hello Tweets,
I made a run up to Eide Rd. this morning in hopes of finding some
shorebirds at high tide before they shut the place down (for perhaps
forever, as who knows what access will look like in the future).
Sadly, our good weather had dried out the ponds and all that remains
at the moment is damp mud. Not a single shorebird to be found. A Least
Sandpiper I flushed from the small pond when you enter was the only
shorebird to be found.

I scanned what I could see of the Nature Conservancy property from the
gate at the end of Boe Rd. Plenty of Killdeer, but nothing else. While
I was there, I heard a call I couldn't place. I eventually picked up
on the source, which was a flock of 7 Common Loons flying south about
1/2 mile inland over Boe Road. They were singing/calling their typical
yodel sounds as the flew. Quite an odd surprise and the only highlight
of the morning.

Josh Adams
Cathcart, WA