Subject: [Tweeters] Selah White-winged Dove
Date: Jul 13 17:09:51 2017
From: Paul Baerny - pbaerny at

Yesterday, Mike Charest and I had the opportunity to visit Kevin Lucas at
his home to successfully see a White-winged Dove. Kevin and Mary were very
gracious to allow us access to see the bird from inside their house. That
also goes for their very sweet rescue dog.
But, to me the most interesting part of the sighting was Kevin's
discription of how the Dove would forage once it arrived. From the moment
it was first spotted. Until the moment it took it's final drink of water
and flew off. Kevin was spot on. So cool!
Hopefully, I've learned that there is more to birding than a tick off a
list. Thanks again Kevin. But that tick for a State Life bird is still a
pretty awesome feeling!
Paul Baerny