Subject: [Tweeters] Song sparrows
Date: Jul 14 19:32:39 2017
From: Hal Michael - ucd880 at

We're at almost sea level on Budd Inlet in Oympia. We have lots of Songs, including many fledglings. Banding shows ours are pretty resident. Or dumb.

Hal Michael
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I am on the Sammamish Plateau at 365 feet and also have noticed an absence of Song Sparrows this year. I usually see lots of them. So far this summer, I have not had any.

Diane Weinstein


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Subject: [Tweeters] Song sparrows
We live at about 1300' east of Seattle. Have always had a pair or two of breeding song sparrows around. This year nothing. Haven't even seen a single individual since Feb.
Has anyone else noticed a diminished population this year?
Janet P Ray
Preston WA
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