Subject: [Tweeters] White-winged Dove not seen today
Date: Jul 14 20:54:02 2017
From: Kevin Lucas - vikingcove at

Just a quick (for me) post to let folks know the White-winged Dove wasn't
seen here today despite some very sharp eyes of several amazing young
birders. Yesterday the dove spent a lot of time feeding in the morning and
spent a longer than usual amount of time feeding while Matt, Bruce, Ken &
Ed visited. Maybe it was packing for a trip. Thanks to all the visitors who
so graciously dealt with our need for privacy, scrunched in the small
viewing area, parked here on our property to keep peace with our neighbors,
and were so good with Nori dog. Mary & Nori & I are all better off for the
people we met. I've found there really are a lot of gems out there in
lister land. I'm still blocked from BirdYak, so can't share there, but if
we see it again I'll post here and submit a sighting to eBird as quickly as

Kevin Lucas
Selah, WA