Subject: [Tweeters] Immediate need Ref Logging
Date: Jul 23 17:14:21 2017
From: T.L. Stokes - tlstokespoetry at

Hello Fellow Bird Lovers. Need info regarding who to talk to ref a current logging operation and slated development of 18 acres of 80.

Per the owner of adjacent 15 acres and a photo taken of a logging truck full of possible 2nd growth timber, there is concern about if an environmental impact study has been conducted prior to this logging.

I can provide more information, some photos etc if needed.

Immediate concern is a long term bear family which lives in these woods. A long term bobcat family with trails in the area which have been cleared slightly with a weed wacker and fledged bald eagles heard just after July 4. Unknown where their nest tree is.

Let me know your thoughts, and suggestions.



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