Subject: [Tweeters] Cassia Crossbills in Idaho South Hills
Date: Jul 25 15:20:21 2017
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A few days ago, Mike and I drove to Twin Falls, Idaho. On July 20 and 21
we had good looks at Cassia Crossbills, some that were banded. You can
hear the difference in calls between the Cassia and Type 2 crossbills.
According to Julie Smith at PLU, there may not have been any Type 5s in the area.
Access to Diamondfield Jack campground in the South Hills is easy. Best to
go early in the morning to be ahead of the 4-wheelers. However, we hiked
through the woods over to the next road which is at the base of Camp
Tawakani where it was quiet for several hours. We saw and heard many Cassia
Crossbills, adults and juveniles. The birds come down lower to drink from a
stream. While driving in or out on Rock Creek Rd. you may want to stop at
Harrington Fork Picnic Area where there are paved trails next to the river. There
were about half-dozen Chats in there, all singing. Reference the link
below or go to the Idaho listserv for more information on the crossbills.

_Cassia Crossbill | Idaho Birds_

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