Subject: [Tweeters] Fwd: Juvenile Hooded Mergansers at Bothell South Pond
Date: Jul 26 14:22:02 2017
From: Jeremy Schwartz - jschwartz1124 at

Hi Tweeters!

First off, sorry for the double send! I sent my first message too early.

I noticed something a bit unusual sitting among the mallards and gadwall on
the shore of the South Pond in Bothell this morning: what look to be four
juvenile hooded mergansers.

Adult hooded mergansers frequent the pond, but usually earlier in the year.
I've not seen any for months, so I can't quite imagine how these four young
ones showed up here.

I know HOMEs live here year round, but the lack of adults recently is
really what made the appearance of these young ones stand out. I added an
average quality photo to my eBird checklist:

Keep watching the skies.

Jeremy Schwartz
Lake Forest Park
jschwartz1124 at gmail dot com