Subject: [Tweeters] Bittern at the Fill
Date: Jul 30 15:03:44 2017
From: Louis Kreemer - lpkreemer at

Hi Tweeters,

Today there was an American Bittern at the Fill. I saw a heron fly from the
shoreline around noon from South-West Pond. From a distance it looked good
for a juvenile Green Heron. Well, then it landed in some blackberries on
Canoe Island and stretched its neck, and it became clear it was a bittern.
I walked over to the bench by the Osprey platform and got great looks of
the odd bird. It was out in plain sight calmly looking about, and I got
nice scope looks at about fifty feet. A few other birders were able to see
the bird as well. Also around today was: A female Yellow-headed Blackbird,
the continuing Red-breasted Nuthatch, a Lesser Yellowlegs that Connie and
Jill heard but I missed and a Pac Slope Flycatcher.