Subject: [Tweeters] 2 Barred owls hunting
Date: Sat Jun 8 19:13:23 PDT 2019
From: Marcia Ian - gnudle at

So at around 4 pm I saw an adult barred owl swoop to the same tree branch she used yesterday as watch tower, situated between our two bird feeder outposts. A few moments later, another arrived and landed on the ground. This one was as big as the parent, but its head looked fuzzy around the top edge, and I noticed some bits of down sticking up from its back. Junior galumphed around a bit, hopping and making a couple of short flights into the trees, even hanging onto the trunk like a woodpecker, trying unsuccessfully to grab one of the many birds zipping about. I watched for a while while Mom (?) sat preening up above.

Marcia Ian