Subject: [Tweeters] Soliciting Virginia Rail Photos
Date: Wed Jun 19 14:32:03 PDT 2019
From: Carol Riddell - cariddellwa at

Hi Tweeters,

I was birding at the Brightwater Center today, King County's wastewater treatment plant and park grounds, on SR 9 in Snohomish County. I visited with the education staff because I noticed a species error on a wetlands educational sign on the footbridge to the north habitat. They were not aware of the error and want to correct the sign. I suggested that the bird they had listed as a wetland denizen was really a bird of open waters and recommended replacement with a Virginia Rail, which is truly a wetland bird and one that can be seen or heard at Brightwater. They liked that idea and they liked the idea of getting photographs from local birders or bird photographers. The current educational sign has photos pulled from the internet.

So if you have a great shot of a Virginia Rail that shows the critical field marks of that species, and you would be interested in having it considered for a new sign (you would get photo credit on the sign), please consider sending a high quality photo file of your shot to Brightwater Center staff. Kristin Covey is the Brightwater Center Manager and the Education and Engagement Coordinator. You can send a photo file to her at kristin.covey at <mailto:kristin.covey at>. In the email subject line put: "Virginia Rail Photo for Educational Sign". She agreed to have me post this message on her behalf. Thanks to all of you who have a good photo for Brightwater staff.

Carol Riddell
Edmonds, WA
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