Subject: [Tweeters] Spotted Sandpiper at Lake Samm St. Park, Tibbets Beach
Date: Fri Nov 1 12:59:55 PDT 2019
From: Hilary Barnes - habarnes at

Wednesday afternoon Sally Lawrence and went for a walk at Lake Sammamish State Park- I know, not the best time for birding. After noting a Bald Eagle hanging out- where it often does- in a tree on that point near the Paddle Sports storage unit- we observed a non-killdeer shorebird feeding along the waterline, solo, tipping it's tail end up and down. It had dull orange legs, bill maybe just a tisch longer that it's head, and a grey-brown "lapel" around a little keyhole of white extending from its breast. White eyeline. No photo.

I realize that this is probably small potatoes, for ya'll expert birders, but I thought I'd mention it as
I just checked the October occurrence list for Oct./Nov. for Marymoor, and see that it a "rare" sighting.

Low-count birding means lots of time to ponder over the few that obligingly allows longer observation. Now we can ID the Spotted Sandpiper, minus the spots!

Again- sorry, no photo. But we got a lot of practice noticing salient characteristics!

Have a birdy day!

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