Subject: [Tweeters] Current list of upcoming CBCs
Date: Fri Nov 1 16:35:47 PDT 2019
From: Jim Danzenbaker - jdanzenbaker at

Hi Tweeters,

It's that time of the year when the weather has turned cooler which only
means one thing - Christmas Bird Counts are on the horizon! Just as I have
done over the last two years, I've compiled, via feedback from CBC
organizers, a list of all of the CBCs that are scheduled to occur or
partially occur in the State of Washington this December-January.
Currently, I have all but a few of them. I am listing those that have
communicated with me so that you can see when your local CBC will be held.
Sorry they aren't in alphabetical order.

The purpose of this e-mail is to find out if there are other CBCs that I do
not know of which should be added to this list - brand new CBCs or CBCs
that may not have occurred for several years but will be this season. If
you see one that's missing, please let me know at your earliest convenience
- I greatly appreciate it!

Eventually, the entire list with dates and contact information will be
posted on the website and tweeters will be alerted when this has

Admiralty Audubon - Saturday, December 14
Eastside Audubon - Saturday, December 14
Edmonds/South Snohomish County - Saturday, December 14
Camas Prairie - Trout Lake - Saturday, December 14
Ellensburg - Saturday, December 14
Kitsap Audubon - Saturday, December 14
Moscow - Pullman - Saturday, December 14
Oak Harbor - Saturday, December 14
San Juan Ferry Transect - Saturday, December 14
Toppenish - Saturday, December 14
Walla Walla - Saturday, December 14
Cheney - Sunday, December 15
San Juan Islands. Archipelago - Sunday, December 15
Lyle - Sunday, December 15
Bellingham - Sunday, December 15
Olympia - Sunday, December 15
Yeah Bay - Sunday, December 15
Sauvie Island and Ridgefield - Sunday, December 15
Sequim-Dungeness- Monday, December 16
Cle Elum- Monday, December 16
Leavenworth- Tuesday, December 17
Lewis County- Friday, December 20
Bridgeport- Saturday, December 21
Port Gamble (North Kitsap)- Saturday, December 21
Tahoma Audubon- Saturday, December 21
Seattle - Saturday, December 28
Yakima Valley - Saturday, December 28
Everett - Marysville - Saturday, December 28
Port Angeles - Saturday, December 28
Wenatchee - Saturday, December 28
Try-Cities - Saturday, December 28
Columbia Hills - Sunday, December 29
Spokane - Sunday, December 29
Okanogan/Omak - Sunday, December 29
Rainier Audubon - Sunday, December 29
Wahkiakum - Monday, December 30
Cowlitz - Columbia - Wednesday, January 1
Skagit Bay - Wednesday, January 1
Chelan - Saturday, January 4
Grays Harbor - Saturday, January 4
Vashon - Sunday, January 5

Active communication with organizers but awaiting final information:

Leadbetter Point

No communication yet. If you are the organizer for any of these CBCs,
please send me an e-mail as I may not have your correct e-mail address:


Thanks for any feedback.

Jim Danzenbaker
Battle Ground, WA
jdanzenbaker at
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