Subject: [Tweeters] American Tree Sparrows in Garfield County
Date: Thu Nov 7 19:30:15 PST 2019
From: Russ Koppendrayer - russkope at

HI Birders,

I found three American Tree Sparrows in Garfield Co today, all in separate
spots. While they were not flagged in eBird, they appear as a Code 5
species in Washington Birder. The first one was at the Central Ferry grain
elevator, coming out from the bushes along the water to forage on the road
edge along with a few other mixed species sparrows. The other two were both
at the Rice Bar HMU. From the parking area at the bottom of the road I
walked around the locked gate on the gravel service road for about a half
mile. One was almost at my turn around spot and the second was right at the
gate by the parking area on my return.

Russ Koppendrayer
Longview, WA
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