Subject: [Tweeters] Columbia County birds Saturday Nov 9
Date: Sat Nov 9 18:37:19 PST 2019
From: Matt Bartels - mattxyz at

Hi all -
Today I birded mostly in Columbia County and turned up a couple good birds -;
At the Tuccannon River Mouth, while searching in vain for a Swamp Sparrow [gotta be one there], a Trumpeter Swan showed up. Then a Blue Jay flew over, headed west.
At the corner of Riveria and Ferrel Rd., an American Tree Sparrow popped up.
And at the cemetery in Dayton, two more Blue Jays were hanging out [i.e., being chased by] two Steller's Jays.

I ended the daylight hours at the Mill Pond in Walla Walla County, where two Swamp Sparrows came out just east of the ponds.

Perhaps the best Walla Walla sighting of the day - as I was leaving a restaurant in Walla Walla, I ran in to the Dennys and the Parrish's -; always a Walla Walla treat!

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA