Subject: [Tweeters] Seattle's Montlake Fill this morning
Date: Sun Nov 10 20:17:25 PST 2019
From: pan - panmail at

Hi, Tweets,

Three highlights from this morning at the Fill:

several Common Goldeneye, my first of autumn, on the lake and in flight, the latter with audible wing whistle taking me back to Nebraska winters;

a Peregrine Falcon catching a white pigeon over Lake Washington, then dropping it as a pair of Bald Eagles, and then another adult, closed on its position. The pigeon flew off at a downward angle, but we couldn't confirm its fate. None of the raptors made to retrieve it, so I presume it didn't hit the water;

and my best of the day, a female Ruddy Duck in the cove at the mouth of the creek/slough.

10 November, 2019,

Alan Grenon