Subject: [Tweeters] Unimpeachable birding today!
Date: Wed Nov 13 16:56:08 PST 2019
From: Jon Houghton - jon.houghton at

Hi Tweets! To avoid going crazy watching the saga playing out on the tube today, I spent most of the morning with one eye on the proceedings and the rest or me going from window to window, looking at the myriad of birds active in the yard. I've never really paid so much continuous attention to the yard birds and ended the morning with 23 species. Highlights were three Zonos, including two White-throated Sparrows (one tan and one white-striped, the latter with hints of yellow in the lores). The single White-crowned Sparrow was actually a greater rarity for the yard over the last two winters. Another unusual moment was finding a Sharp-shinned Hawk on the side yard path on top of an unfortunate Am. Robin (not counted in the 23 species total, even though he probably still had a pulse). The hawk was being harassed by about 5 crows and eventually flew into some denser shrubs to finish his meal. We spent the mostly sunny afternoon on a nice walk up and down the hills in Yost Park (Edmonds) where we found a good selection of the usual winter birds, many of them in a single large but diffuse mixed flock, mostly in alders and shrubs along the upper part of the creek trail. Happy Birding! - Jon Houghton, Edmonds
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