Subject: [Tweeters] Sex Bias In Conservation Efforts Further Endangers Rare Birds
Date: Fri Nov 15 10:49:20 PST 2019
From: Devorah the Ornithologist - birdologist at

Hello everyone,

Did you know that many migratory animals will occupy different habitats or
landscapes during the nonbreeding season? ok, most of you know this, but
did you know that conservation plans almost never consider this well-known
fact when devising action plans? since this means that female-dominated
habitats are rarely provided the same level of protection as those
dominated by males, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the
developing conservation problem, particularly because males tend to be much
more populous when populations are in decline.

this new study goes in to some depth to investigate this widespread problem
for neotropical migratory birds, and focuses on the golden-winged warbler
as a case study.

Sex Bias In Conservation Efforts Further Endangers Rare Birds

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