Subject: [Tweeters] Cackling Goose Turned Mallard in Bothell
Date: Fri Nov 15 13:20:31 PST 2019
From: Jeremy Schwartz - jschwartz1124 at

Hello Tweeters!

I've been keeping tabs on a single Cackling Goose that I've spotted for at
least the last two weeks mingling with a large group of Mallards at the
Canyon Park Wetlands hotspot north of Bothell. Here's a link to the hotspot:

I first saw what I can only guess was this same bird Oct. 25 as it flew
over in the morning, calling. At the risk of anthropomorphizing, it
appeared to be looking around as it flew, as if it was searching for its

Days later I saw it again, this time with the usual group of Mallards seen
foraging on the west side of the wetland. I've since returned seven times
and found the Cackler in this same spot on six of these visits.

Each time since I've been able to get quite close to it, as if it's taken
on the general nonchalance toward humans of its Mallard cousins. It appears
to walk and forage just fine, though I've yet to see it take off from
ground or water.

If anyone wants some good close ups of a Cackling Goose that may very well
think it's a Mallard, I'd make a visit to the Canyon Park Wetlands. I've
used it as an opportunity to study its features in detail. I'll never
mistake a small Canada Goose for a true Cackler again!

Keep watching the skies (and wetlands)!

Lake Forest Park
jschwartz1124 AT gmail DOT com
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