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Date: Sat Nov 16 20:27:37 PST 2019
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Unfortunately, this is not a simple question (and I don't recall a yellow
sticker). For public lands, you need to know which government agency manages
the land. A Discover Pass works for most state lands. Both the Discover Pass
and the Department of Fish and Wildlife's vehicle access pass will work at
Department of Fish and Wildlife parking areas at Wildlife Areas or their
water access sites. Federal lands, though, require different permits. I
don't know all of them well enough to describe them off the top of my head.
My wife bought some kind of a pass for us old people and we used it last
summer at the Mount Adams horse camp on U.S. Forest Service land. Perhaps
others can describe the federal passes. Isn't there a Golden Eagle pass?

Yes, life is complicated.

Kelly McAllister

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Subject: [Tweeters] Parking Permits

What kind of parking permits are required at various spots these days, esp.
in Skagit County? I remember the yellow sticker of yore, but that's been
phased out, right? Has something been put in its place?


Mary Klein
Bremerton WA
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