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Ooops. Amend that. You don't get the access pass with the inexpensive razor clam or shellfish/seaweed licenses. You have to buy a more expensive hunting or fishing license, the cheapest of which is almost as much as a Discover Pass.

Kelly McAllister

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If you're only going to go to these state fish and wildlife properties, save yourself some money and buy a $14.10 razor clam license and get the access pass free.

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A Discover Pass is required at Skagit WMA sites, including Wylie Slough, Hayton Reserve, North Fork Access, West 90, Jensen Access and in Snohomish County Eide Rd.

Phil Dickinson

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What kind of parking permits are required at various spots these days, esp. in Skagit County? I remember the yellow sticker of yore, but that's been phased out, right? Has something been put in its place?


Mary Klein
Bremerton WA
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