Subject: [Tweeters] Gyr at Hayton Reserve yesterday; 3 RLHA
Date: Sun Nov 17 16:23:35 PST 2019
From: Becky Galloway - beckyg.sea at

>From about 2:30-3:30p we watched the Gyrfalcon at Hayton Reserve; high tide

was around 5. The tide had just started to come in and there were a ton of
ducks and shorebirds (mostly Dunlin; 3 Greater YellowLegs in the channel).
the Gyr made a few attempts to snag dinner, and caught the eye of the adult
and juvenile Bald Eagles who were surveying THEIR dinner patch. Both gave
chase and pursued for quite a while, the adult giving up after about a
minute and the juvenile continuing to chase the Gyr for a couple minutes.
Crappy windy wet weather but well worth it to see that spectacle!

Didn't find the Merlin in Edison but as a likely consequence we did find a
handful of Band-Tailed Pigeons lazing about the upper branches of a willow

Saw 3 Rough Legged Hawks -- 2 hovering in the area of Bow-Edison Road as
reported earlier and one on the wire near the West 90.

Rebecca Galloway
Shoreline, WA
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