Subject: [Tweeters] Parrots Aren't Jealous When Their Mate Gets A Better Reward
Date: Thu Nov 21 07:43:15 PST 2019
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Hello everyone,

A hypothesis about how cooperative behaviour evolves proposes that animals
must develop a sense of fairness, too, so they know when they're being
cheated on. But a recent study in parrots suggests this may not be the case
at all, since parrots do not show jealousy when their mate / cooperative
partner gets a higher-quality reward or gets the same reward for expending
less effort for it. (chimpanzees, for example, tend to have violent temper
tantrums when a cooperative partner gets something for less, or gets
something better.) so why are parrots so much more tolerant of inequality
than our closest relative? this piece explores this question:

Parrots Aren't Jealous When Their Mate Gets A Better Reward

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