Subject: [Tweeters] Eide Rd.
Date: Thu Nov 21 22:43:34 PST 2019
From: Philip Dickinson - pdickins at

Today I made my first trip out to Eide Rd. in Stanwood since the reopening.
It was quite a shock to see it at high tide. The dike trail runs about 1/2
mile south (the 3/4 mile official description is generous) to the area of
the big tree just north of the old parking lot. At high tide, nearly all of
the area from the old lot looking southwest, west and north was submerged
with some small pieces of mud flats. You actually can see into the bay to
the southwest. All of the former songbird habitat at the north end of the
old road and the brushy habitat along the east side of the old road is gone.

The overall habitat now looks much more like the Hayton Reserve estuary,
and probably will be good for ducks and shorebirds. In fact, I did count 26
Greater Yellowlegs and saw what probably were my first Ruddy Ducks at
Eide. Some
marsh habitat does remain on the east side of the river and now can be seen
from the dike, but otherwise there seems to be little accessible habitat
for our rodent-hunting raptors to remain happy. I did have distant scope
views of red-tailed, rough-legged and bald eagle on the far periphery, but
saw only two harriers anywhere near the dike. No owls.

Phil Dickinson
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