Subject: [Tweeters] No Gyr on Thursday
Date: Fri Nov 22 09:47:38 PST 2019
From: Philip Dickinson - pdickins at

The Gyrfalcon failed to put in an appearance up at Fir Island on Thursday,
notwithstanding the best efforts of our Gyr-whisperer, Marve Breece. Thanks
to all those folks who "encouraged" me by saying, " I saw it yesterday,"
but I am now 0-4 after my 4 hours. A plethora of eagles seemed to be on
guard for the possible intruder.

However, we did have great views of the Peregrine (Tundra), a Northern
Shrike, Eurasian Wigeon and thousands of Dunlin, plus simultaneous scope
views of what almost certainly were two Harlan's Red-tailed Hawks.

Phil Dickinson
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