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Date: Sat Nov 23 12:02:01 PST 2019
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A conversation with Dr. J. Drew Lanham -- Drew Lanham is a BirdNote board member and the recipient of Audubon's 2018 Dan W. Lufkin Prize for Environmental Leadership. He is also an Alumni Distinguished Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Master Teacher and Certified Wildlife Biologist at Clemson University. Drew sat down recently with BirdNote host Ashley Ahearn at the University of Washington College of the Environment Symposium on Nature and Health. The conversation wove through Dr. Lanham's poetry and readings from his memoir to his thoughts about nature, faith, climate change, the loss of birds, and the ways we can work together to confront systemic racism. Have a listen! (~40 minutes)

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Next week on BirdNote: How Long Does a Robin Live?
+ Red-shouldered Hawks and ... of course... Wild Turkeys!
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