Subject: [Tweeters] swans and geese in snoqualmie valley king county
Date: Sat Nov 23 16:39:21 PST 2019
From: dave templeton - crazydave65 at


yesterday at lunch time there was a mixed flock of snow geese and trumpeter swans at the turnoff to remlinger farm off hwy 203 (30-somethingth). visible from 203 were a couple hundred snow geese (including a number of juveniles) and a couple dozen trumpeter swans. far behind them almost to the trees was a large group of canada geese (most if not all dusky canadas).

forgot to post so when i realized my defalcation today i decided to go back at around 1500 (11/23). no canada geese or swans, but again a large number of snow geese.

took the side jaunt up 24th to lake langlois and there were 4 trumpters settled in for the night on the long log floating by the boat launch. felt mildly guilty that i woke them up (it was 1533 by then), but i'm over it now.



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