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Date: Mon Nov 25 09:40:23 PST 2019
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The etymology of the "gyr" in gyrfalcon isn't fully clear. Some sources say it comes from the Old Norse for spear, others the Old High German or Old French for vulture. And it's possible the connection to "gyre", meaning to circle, came later in the word's history.

While leading a birding tour in Iceland, I learned from my Icelandic co-leader (who felt that the "gyr" in the falcon's name meant spear) that the Icelandic pronunciation (which is essentially Old Norse) is "gire" (with a hard "g" and rhyming with "fire").

I think it's fascinating that this bird name has such a rich history. And we haven't even entered the debate about how best to pronounce "falcon".

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> I had heard that "gyr" meant "to circle", as in "gyrate" or "gyroscope", which would keep the "j" sound.


> Of course, when I want to get a photo of one they seem not to circle but take off in a fast flight!


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