Subject: [Tweeters] Here's what Eide Road looks like now
Date: Mon Nov 25 11:57:26 PST 2019
From: Jane Hadley - hadleyj1725 at

Dear Tweeters - My husband Randy Robinson and I were birdwatching on
Friday at Eide Road (and later at Hayton Preserve).

Eide Road is now known officially (perhaps always was) as the Leque
Island Unit of the Skagit Wildlife Area, which is managed by the
Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

As most of you know, the area has been significantly changed from what
it was as part of a project to restore the estuary and salmon habitat.
Phil Dickinson has recently provided Tweeters with a verbal description
of the changes.

I took some pictures while there and have posted them online (along with
an annotated map). Perhaps the pictures will give you a visual idea. We
were there two to three hours before high tide. Click on a photo to see
it at full size along with a caption. (On laptops or desktops, you may
have to click on the "i" for info at the top to see the captions).

The birds were not as numerous as at Hayton Preserve but then maybe they
would have been if we'd been there a little closer to high tide.

Jane Hadley

Seattle, WA

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