Subject: [Tweeters] FYI: Accommodations for birders in Southwest Australia
Date: Sat Nov 30 16:20:20 PST 2019
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After my Rockjumper tour of eastern Australia and Tasmania, Joseph met me in
Melbourne and we spent another month birding and exploring. We have a
cousin in Perth, and we were interested in seeing some of Australia's
famously big trees, so we headed down to southwestern Australia. We liked
it there so much that we ended up staying longer than we expected.

One thing that we learned is that caravan parks in Australia have cabins, as
well as spaces for camping and recreational vehicles. The cabins are basic
but comfortable, and include well-equipped kitchenettes. The caravan parks
are located on the edges or outside of the towns, in natural surroundings,
and are much nicer and birdier that the usual motels in town. We do
particularly want to recommend two places we stayed that may be of interest
to you traveling birders. They are a bit off the usual track, and I would
love to have them get more birders to visit.

Wrenwood Chalets, near Augusta and beautiful Leewuin Naturaliste National
Park, was close to the stunning seacoast, but set into lovely karri-jarrah
forest. Our chalet was much more nicely furnished and decorated than at the
average caravan park. The owners, David and Anita, are very friendly and
knowledgeable about the birds and natural history of the area. We enjoyed
watching birds come to drink and bathe, and were happy to learn that there
is a resident flock of the elusive Baudin's Black-Cockatoo on the property.
We saw Square-tailed Kites nearby.


Loose Goose Chalets outside of Nannup also was situated in beautiful mature
forest. Our chalet was more basic and did not have effective air
conditioning, but was comfortable. We watched ten species of birds come to
drink and bathe right outside our door, and both Baudin's and Red-tailed
Black Cockatoos are found around the place. Larraine, the owner, also is
friendly and knowledgeable. She will show you her aviaries, full of exotics
and rescued native birds and mammals for later release, and she will
introduce you to her tame Emus. Sadly, Larraine said she may have to sell
the property, so it might not exist in its present state for much longer.


We had a wonderful time in Australia. If anyone has questions about where
we went, what we saw, and the places we stayed, I would be very happy to
answer them.

Rachel Lawson


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