Subject: [Tweeters] A BIG SHOUT OUT TO!!...the english sparrow.
Date: Sat Aug 7 11:35:07 PDT 2021
From: john dantoni - dantonijohn at

Hi Tweeters,I had read that with patience plants that are overrun with aphids will eventually balance out as aphid eaters like ladybugs will move in and eat the pest so I withheld the spray bottle of soapy water this year.  That resulted in my 3 honeysuckle's buds all dying from the aphids and looking terrible.  I thought the few ladybugs I had seen would step up but it wasn't until families of English Sparrows swarmed in eating everyone of them in sight that my buds became blooms providing a source of nectar to the many hummers around here.  I'll still discourage the sparrows but sometimes you have to give credit where it's due... at N06/51363397443/in/datetaken/All the best,John D'AntoniWenatchee/Malaga
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