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Hey there, Tweeters!

Catch up on the #BringBirdsBack series with Tenijah Hamilton!
Pick a story or two, or listen to them all:
1: How do we know that birds are in trouble?
2: Who is birding for?
3: Can we make our cities safer for birds?
4: For birds to win, do cats have to lose? - Part 1
5: For birds to win, do cats have to lose? - Part 2
6: How can native plants help birds?
7: How can coffee help birds?
You'll find them all here:
Recently on BirdNote:
* How Toucans Stay Cool
* Joe Farms in Alabama Offers a Safe Space
for People and for Swallow-tailed Kites
* Birdsong as Therapy
* How Birds Stay Perched
* Nature Prospers in Avalanche Chutes
* Bizarre Baby Birds -- Estrildid Finches' Beaks
Are Downright Strange
* Who Likes Nectar?
Next week on BirdNote: Why Do Birds Flick Their Tails?
The Bony-toothed Birds, Magnificent Frigatebird Drum Roll,
What Osprey Chicks Reveal About Pollution,
and more!
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