Subject: [Tweeters] Eastern wood warbler this morning
Date: Fri Dec 9 12:53:13 PST 2022
From: Jerry Tangren - kloshewoods at

Without a photograph, this will be one that got away.

Saw a sparrow sized bird moving around in the Virginia creeper next to the mailbox this morning. Assumed it would be the song sparrow that frequents that area of the yard. Instead it gave a call much thinner than any of the usual wintering sparrows. When it popped into view for a few moments about twelve feet away, I immediately thought eastern wood warbler. It was a plain gray bird with two conspicuous wing bars, indistinct markings on the underparts, and a warbler bill.

I could see no color on the bird, but considering the gray overcast, I could have missed it. The bird flew off into a patch of Oregon grape and did not reappear.

My thought is pine warbler since no similar warbler can be as plain. However, it would be noteworthy only if and when I can get a photograph. Otherwise, blackpoll warbler can not be ruled out.

--Jerry Tangren
East Wenatchee, WA

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