Subject: [Tweeters] We watch Cooper's Hawk take a Rat in backyard
Date: Sat Dec 17 16:19:41 PST 2022
From: Ed Newbold - ednewbold1 at

Hi all,
Cooper's Hawks are well-known bird-hunters but our two experiences at Butyl Creek of Cooper's Hawk predation involved Rats.
The first was a while ago and I got photos of a presumed female bird eating a large Rat in our back yard that I posted on Nextdoor in an attack on users of Rat Poison.
The second was a minute ago, a probably male bird that we hadn't seen before first hiding in ambush 20 ft from the creek and sailing in in a fast dive, we at first couldn't see the victim but Delia ascertained it was a young Norway Rat. 
Too bad, it was a handsome bird, but it was too quick for me to get a shot which would have helped in the intermittent but neverending Nextdoor battles to combat the counter-productive rat-control-sabotaging idiocy that is Rat Poison.