Subject: [Tweeters] Study examines memory in expert birdwatchers
Date: Wed Jul 13 15:22:37 PDT 2022
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I found the article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of
the United States of America, Vol. 119, Issue 26 (2022): article 2204172119.
This is in the (second?) Psychological and Cognitive Sciences section of
that issue.

Re Steven Wood question about sample size of the study:

Sample size: 66 experts (73% female) and 57 controls (75% female). All were
in the Toronto area. The experts, i.e., could identify more than 20 species
found in the local habitat and had bird knowledge beyond common backyard
species, had mean age 48.1 and a mean of 18.1 yrs education. The control
persons were outdoor enthusiasts (gardeners, fishers, hikers, etc.) who had
no local bird knowledge beyond common backyard species, and they had 47.9
yrs mean age and 17.6 yrs mean education.

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I had Pacific-slope Flycatcher nesting *on* my house (literally, on the bend
of a downspout, 6 ft off the ground) - in Lake Forest Park twice. I was able
to extensively photograph parents and later juveniles from both outside and
inside of the house. And, I hear them every year in season from tall
conifers around the house.


Stan in LFP

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> Pacific-slope Flycatcher in Garden


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Subject: [Tweeters] Study examines memory in expert birdwatchers

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"The memory test centered on bird pictures.

Wonder how large a sample they had?

Who can find the published study? I haven?t looked very hard but have

The study is linked at the bottom of the ScienceDaily article, but a direct
link is here:

The structure of prior knowledge enhances memory in experts by reducing
interference | PNAS<>