Subject: [Tweeters] Ed Swan
Date: Sat Nov 5 14:12:04 PDT 2022
From: Garrett Haynes - garrettwhaynes at

Hello Tweets,

Thank you for sharing Raphael. Really sad to hear about Ed passing away so suddenly. We just participated in a class of his through the Rainier Audubon chapter in September and went on a field trip with him. I'm still reading through his Vashon book right now. So much detail and really well researched. He must have spent countless hours out in the field and at his desk writing it. I was also able to go to his house a few years ago in West Seattle and see my lifer Rose Breasted Grosbeak he had coming to his feeders and he was very gracious in letting people come by to see it and stood talking with us for quite a while.

He was an excellent knowledgeable birder, friendly and kind, and contributed much to our local birding scene. He will be missed.

Garrett Haynes
Auburn, WA

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