Subject: [Tweeters] King Co. Harris's Sparrow, Marymoor Park
Date: Mon Nov 7 10:30:32 PST 2022
From: B P Bell - bellasoc at

Good Morning Tweets

I went down to Marymoor Park this morning to look for the Harris's Sparrow (a Park first!) reported yesterday. Two photographers (missed their names) had seen and gotten photos of the bird along the east meadow trail. They left, and finally after about an hour I did find the Harris's Sparrow at 0940 (adequate if unsatisfactory looks). It seems to be a juvenile with a bit of a face pattern, maybe a hint of black on the throat, otherwise streaky brown.

If you are walking down the graveled East Meadow trail (west of the meadow) and are south of the Eastside Audubon sheds you will come to a Please Keep out of the Meadow sign. There is an old apple tree about 30 feet to the right of the sign. The Harris's was in this apple tree.

If you try for the bird, this morning there was activity in the tree with birds chasing each other, so it will take some work.

Good fortune in finding the bird.

Brian H. Bell

Woodinville Wa

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Subject: [Tweeters] King Co. Harris's Sparrow, Marymoor Park

Hi folks,

My partner and I just found a juvenile Harris's Sparrow at Marymoor, first feeding on the ground near the trail intersection at (47.6566378, -122.1094966) and it then hopped into an apple tree. Has appeared a couple times in and out of the bushes. Per eBird this looks to be the first in King this year.

Still looking for that WTSP though :)

Jason Zolle