Subject: [Tweeters] Coast Yesterday
Date: Wed Nov 9 09:29:23 PST 2022
From: B B - birder4184 at

I have been watching two dogs by myself for a few days.  Has limited birding/chasing (read Little Gull here).  Decided to take them to the coast yesterday where they could enjoy the beach and I could bird.  South of Westport only.  Really good day and the dogs had a blast.
4 geese species at the Bishop Athletic Complex south of Aberdeen and again in Tokeland.Very windy but Bar Tailed Godwit remains at the Tokeland Marina with 150+ Marbled Godwits and a dozen or so Willets.  Western Grebes in the bay but too windy to search long for Clark's Grebe.  A single Eared Grebe there.
At Graveyard Spit/Fisher Avenue - Western SP, Dunlin, Sanderlings, Black Bellied Plovers, a Snowy Plover and one Red Knot.  
Open Beach up and down from Grayland - lots of birds:  massive groups of Dunlin - one with at least 3000 maybe more -  5000+  150" Black Bellied Plovers, 250 Least Sandpipers, 8 Semipalmated Plovers, 30 Western Sandpipers, 175+ Sanderlings, 8 American Pipits and a Lapland Longspur.  Very windy again and the Least Sandpipers and Semipalmated were taking shelter in the detritus on the beach.  Pure Western Gulls along the whole beach.  The Dunlin were amazing!!
Doggies slept the whole way home.  2 Great Egrets visible from road grazing in field near Brady.
Blair Bernson