Subject: [Tweeters] Owl Strike
Date: Wed Nov 16 19:26:47 PST 2022
From: Dan Reiff - dan.owl.reiff at

Hello Rob,

Thank you for the report.

I spend much time observing and filming owls.

I am collecting owl swoop or strike stories. I am doing this to develop a more complex understanding of why owls swoop or strike people.

Could you or your friend please provide some additional information for me?
What time did this occur?
Was this in low light?
Did he see the owl before the strike?
Did it draw blood?
Any other observations?
(I have had this happen from a Barred owl, called my MD and he said I should have a current tetanus shot- within the past 5-10 years- which I had- important to tell your friend this).
Thank you,
Dan Reiff

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> Reporting a Great Horned Owl 'sighting' at Tolt-MacDonald Park. A friend was mountain biking in the tree farm area this afternoon when he was pummeled by the GHOW while on the Phoenix Trail. After the smack, it lighted on a small alder some 30ft away. Of course, while the victim reached for his camera, said bird retreated to a nearby thicket, not to be seen.

> Be safe out there,

> Rob

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